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Self Portrait by Wolfeyes32 Self Portrait :iconwolfeyes32:Wolfeyes32 1 0 Mako Mori by Wolfeyes32 Mako Mori :iconwolfeyes32:Wolfeyes32 1 0 Saint Cecaelia by Wolfeyes32 Saint Cecaelia :iconwolfeyes32:Wolfeyes32 0 0 Elephant by Wolfeyes32 Elephant :iconwolfeyes32:Wolfeyes32 1 0 Snake by Wolfeyes32 Snake :iconwolfeyes32:Wolfeyes32 0 0 Seahorse by Wolfeyes32 Seahorse :iconwolfeyes32:Wolfeyes32 2 1
Lines to Tell Your Tale
Cracked and scarred, others think you are a monster,
A fighter,
A warrior.
Your body is marred by scratches and scorch marks.
You wear these injuries not like blemishes,
But as decorations. Like so many paintstrokes-
Lines sweeping across the backs of your hands to the crook of your back-
Covering what was once there.
You hate to fight.
The child, the animal,
Crawling on all fours, explores new things with its wide, wet mouth.
The fighter, the beast,
Rearing up on two legs to fight, sees threats in the eyes of each stranger.
You, the creator-
Sitting in the shade, tell tales of new heroes in wide worlds.
No longer a child, no longer a beast,
You are not a warrior.
your body is not a shield,
Stepping boldly between the child and the towering threat.
You are a storyteller.
Your words are stones,
Each block falling on the next with a resounding ‘clang.’
You build a temple to protect these memories.
:iconwolfeyes32:Wolfeyes32 0 0
The Thirteenth
It’s a Friday night,
And there’s a cat on the sidewalk.
The sky is so dark it has no color,
Stars peeking from behind cloud blankets
But ducking back behind cover.
The moon is a fluorescent nightlight-
Not enough to illuminate the room,
But enough to light the way.
Lamppost, rusted over
And innocent bird becomes a corvid
As shadows melt into her wings.
A conversation of chirps and yowls
To the undersized cat on the sidewalk below.
A man crosses on the other side of the road.
Superstitious, afraid of luck,
The feline remains alone.
It curls its tail, licks its paw,
The night is just a night,
numbers have to luck.
A child, patrolling, slinks along the same concrete path.
Alone and unwatched,
The child passes under a blacked-out lamppost.
He greets the bird as a friend.
There is no cat.
:iconwolfeyes32:Wolfeyes32 0 0
When Rowan woke up, it was already late morning. She winced at the uncomfortable brightness filtering through the window into her bedroom and momentarily contemplated pulling the covers over her head and going back to sleep. Unfortunately, her stomach probably couldn’t go that long without attention. Rowan groaned. Food it was, then.
Her purple hearing aids were on her nightstand, right next to the textbook Rowan had been studying the night before. The girl turned away without touching either, adamant that no one should have to deal with fire incantations before breakfast, even if the person in question did have a practical exam the next day. She trundled into the kitchen on heavy feet, eyes still squinted half-shut. The aroma of coffee greeted Rowan, who moved toward it with newfound destination. The teenager grabbed the pot, doubtlessly left there by her mother. it was still warm, probably kept that way by a heating charm.
After loading the coffee up with hazelnut creame
:iconwolfeyes32:Wolfeyes32 0 0
Unentwined Through My Hands by Wolfeyes32 Unentwined Through My Hands :iconwolfeyes32:Wolfeyes32 0 0 Rising Sparks by Wolfeyes32 Rising Sparks :iconwolfeyes32:Wolfeyes32 2 0 Raeen Roes by Wolfeyes32 Raeen Roes :iconwolfeyes32:Wolfeyes32 2 0 On the Outskirts by Wolfeyes32 On the Outskirts :iconwolfeyes32:Wolfeyes32 1 0 Charcoal Still Life by Wolfeyes32 Charcoal Still Life :iconwolfeyes32:Wolfeyes32 1 0 Oceandust by Wolfeyes32 Oceandust :iconwolfeyes32:Wolfeyes32 0 0 Nagini by Wolfeyes32 Nagini :iconwolfeyes32:Wolfeyes32 0 0


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track two
1. when you write a bunch of poems about kissing
a girl who giggles a lot and tells you she loves you,
it’s hard to find the right words to describe how
gently her boyfriend holds her when the sun goes down.
2. i don’t know how to convince you
that i’m the right choice, that i’m the right fit,
that i’m the end game and the curtain-closure,
when i don’t even know how to convince
you that i am not a drunken mistake.
3. this is for all the girls who are in love with
a girl who doesn’t know what she wants or knows
what she wants and doesn’t want you anywhere
but at the back of her closet—
4. congratulations, it took me
years to become proud of who i am and only
a day of no eye contact to make me feel
worthless. i wish you wouldn’t regret me but
i know you’ve spent your whole life hearing
that your closet is a castle and prince charming
is coming to rescue you
5. if i were a boy and i wrote this poem,
then i would hate how bi
:iconmisfitablegrae:MisfitableGrae 38 6
Stop Romanticizing Poets 2K14
This is how I write my poems:
You’re blonde and you have blue eyes.
You’re the perfect subject for my next great hit,
a long rambling epic or a two page sonnet
which would start by comparing your hair
to rays of the sun and your eyes to the ocean
at daybreak. Even if you’re more of a dishwater blonde
than sun-colored, and your eyes are less ocean and
more sky, I swear I write this poem and think
vaguely of you.
But here is a secret: I’m not writing a poem about you.
I’m writing a poem about the idea of you.
And I don’t know if it will be a love poem or
a break-up poem or a “please don’t go home and
commit suicide” poem or one of those
heartbreakingly honest poems that feels like
you put your pencil on paper and bled.
I don’t write poems like that often.
No poet does, not really,
we write poems about you and your blue eyes
because we don’t like how bleeding feels,
and it is much safer for us to pretend to fall in l
:iconmisfitablegrae:MisfitableGrae 192 36
Okami by kheleksul Okami :iconkheleksul:kheleksul 3,598 236 Seasons of Okami by zetallis Seasons of Okami :iconzetallis:zetallis 8,224 613 Okami by Enijoi Okami :iconenijoi:Enijoi 534 24


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